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One Year Limited Workmanship Warranty

Custom Concrete Concepts Inc. (CCC) takes pride in the concrete work to provide you with the highest quality project. We follow industry standards to achieve excellent and long lasting concrete. Whether it is your driveway, front porch, sidewalk, patio, garage floor, we will do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer.

We offer a one-year warranty of materials and workmanship at no additional cost. The warranty expires one year from the date of completion of the project. Concrete can be damaged by many factors beyond CCC’s control. Damage from wear and tear, de-icers, chemicals, equipment, vehicles, and other things are out of CCC’s control and are not covered by the Limited Workmanship Warranty. CCC is not liable for repair conditions caused by misuse or abuse, ground settlement, winter conditions, accidents, and natural disasters.


All our employees are trained to prepare, set up forms, and finish concrete to the highest industry standards. We work hard to keep up to the latest products and techniques and the highest quality of concrete suppliers and materials.

We offer several types of finishes. The most common is broom finish which can be coloured as well. We have a variety of stamped finish patterns as well as exposed aggregate and smooth finish (garage).

The following information provides some of the common issues that you can expect when working with concrete and provides suggestions on customer care and usage.

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What to Expect

Cracks: Concrete will crack. We don’t like it either but it’s going to happen so we CANNOT guarantee that concrete will not crack, even if all precautions have been taken. Control joints are cut into the concrete slab surface within 24 hours after the concrete is placed. However, sometimes cracks occur before the joints are cut. We do everything we can to prevent cracking. There is no guarantee that the concrete will not develop crack(s) in other locations and later on. A crack that is 3/8 of an inch or less (height or gap) is not a warranty issue.

Flaking or Popping: While concrete is very durable, it is not always without flaws. Harsh weather may cause the surface of your concrete to flake or pop. Flakes or pops will not compromise the integrity of the concrete. We may repair or replace our work if a minimum of 30% of the total work area is flaked or popped, except for driveway approaches due to overspray during winter months. If repair or replacement is required, we will replace only affected area.

Settling: It is possible that exterior concrete may settle. When concrete is placed we compact the gravel surface 6-8” deep below the slab, but this is no guarantee that concrete will not settle. We cannot warranty against settling because what’s below the gravel surface is beyond our control.

Frost Heave & Cracking: Southern Ontario is in a severe weather region. Throughout the winter there are many freeze-thaw cycles. During these freeze-thaw cycles it is possible that concrete will heave and most likely settle back to its normal elevation again. Concrete is susceptible to cracking during a frost heave and therefore it’s not a warranty issue.

Discolouration: It is NOT possible to match the exact colour of your existing sidewalk, porch or driveway, etc. Sometimes different pours to your driveway might not match especially if placed on different days. Most of these colour variations are minor and most will fade over time. If you are considering replacing only a section or sections of an existing driveway, patio or sidewalk, please be aware that a color difference will exist. CCC can make no warranty that our work will match your existing product.

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Customer Care of Concrete

  • Do not drive on the new concrete for at least 5 days.

  • Do not allow water to drain beneath the concrete as this may cause settlement cracks.

  • Do not apply de-icing chemicals (salt) for snow and ice removal. As an alternative, sand can be used instead.

  • Do not apply de-icers containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate (fertilizer).

  • Do not jab at ice on concrete with pick or scraper.

  • Do not apply sealer to concrete before 30 days.

  • Apply a good sealer if you have decorative concrete.

  • Re-application of sealer is generally recommended every year.

  • We recommend that relief joints (cut or tooled) be caulked to reduce moisture, water and de-icing chemical penetration.

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Increase Your Curb Appeal

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